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32 Friarn Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LH

An Ancient House

External Works

The roof at the time of purchase was found to be in poor condition, with several leaks apparent.

The west lead gutter and east hip valleys were all defective. Water had penetrated walls and ceilings. The lead flashing around the chimney had failed, Several of the single pantiles had slipped. The ridge and some rafters had sagged or split. The hamstone tabling on the gables had become extensively laminated and porous.

It was decided that the existing roof would need to be stripped, the underlying structure examined, and then careful reinstatement would be attempted, preserving as much of the orginal material as possible.

The work was let to competitive tender. West Country Tiling of Frome were awarded the contract for the work, which was completed to an extremely high standard by mid-summer of 1999.

During the work on the roof, it became clear that at least four sets of rafters of different styles and ages had been laid below the upper purlins. These were retained, as were the principle rafters and collars, all of elm. The ridge and upper rafters were replaced. A breathable felt (Monarperm 450) was used, overwhich were laid treated softwood battens fixed with stainless steel clout nails. Leadwork to the gutters was specied to code 8.

Some of the existing hamstone tabling was salvaged for reuse on the north elevation, whilst new Doulting stone was employed on the south.

Fenestration consisted of sash windows on the front elevation, and a mixture of sash and casement windows at the rear. All sash windows were refurbished by Ventrolla (Wessex) Ltd. A perimeter draft-excluding system was installed. Some of the sash frames were extensively rotted, and were refabricated to pattern. At least four different generations of sash were identified from the different mouldings of astragals.   pictures

The oak casement windows at the rear were carefully repaired by Syd Butler of Shapwick. New leaded lights were made following the pattern of those found on the first floor.  pictures

The pointing of the rear elevation brickwork was severely eroded in places to a depth of 50mm or greater. The existing pointing was raked out by hand work to a depth of 10-12mm. Samples of the lime mortar were matched by Limebase Products, who were then able to supply a good match. Repointing then took place, ensuring that the mortar was well wetted to prevent premature drying and cracking. A light coating of a rotted cow-dung slurry was then applied to encourage a toning down of the whiteness.   pictures

Porch Canopy
A new porch canopy was designed from information and conjecture from old photographs of the front elevation. The brackets were modelled on the Toll House, Monmouth Street, Bridgwater. The tablinfg was second hand oak and was dressed with lead code 4 over, taken up to platband.   pictures

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