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32 Friarn Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LH

An Ancient House

New flooring north attic

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New boards in selected redwood Vths were specially machined by Snow's Timber of Glastonbury to the average original board dimensions of 28mm x 210mm (1¼" x 8" nominal) in 5.1m lengths. They were stored at 32 Friarn Street for eight weeks to allow the timber to adjust to the temperature and humidity of the building.
The old boards were removed in sections. Extensive decay caused by furniture beetle had caused a large proprtion of the old boards to become so weakened that patched repairing was impossible, except for a few boards at the perimeters. The elm joists were in good condition and largely free of beetle attack throughout. The damage to the floorboards was consistent with high humidity levels which might have resulted from commercial work activities.
Joist voids were cleared of debris. Some were extensively filled with wood shavings, sawdust, and in some places, dense withy clippings. Further investigations may establish that the Friarn Street Basket Works was once housed in 32 Friarn Street, for which there is plenty of evidence from below this floor! A small selection of sample debris was placed in certain voids before 100mm Rockwool was laid.
The new boards were scribed or chamfered and cramped, then fixed with stainless steel screws.
Wastage was kept to a minimum, as seen in the small stack to the right of the mullioned window.

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5 December 2002