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32 Friarn Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LH

An Ancient House

A suspect lintel

lintel2.jpg - 30Kb

The lintel can be seen in part at the top here, and is significantly bowed. It is approximately 3" thick at the edge, and its upper surface is much worn, with pronounced knots protruding. To the left is a narrow triangular vertical stone wall, on which the left-hand end of the lintel bears. It appears that the upper storey and the wall plate supporting the roof all bear down upon this triangular wall and the lintel.
The area below the triangular wall is much disturbed, and slightly to the left is the remains of a smoke-blackened brick flue. At the base of the doorway is a flagstone, laid to the same level as those elsewhere on the ground floor. The lower detail of the old opening shows a crude brick closing to the stone, whereas about two-thirds up, the reveals are made of dressed stone, but poorly set in comparison to elsewhere.
Careful structural consideration will be given to the best method of providing additional support.

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22 May 2001